The practice was established in 2017 in New Zealand by Gabriela Kopacikova and Matteo Garbagnati, however the very first projects were date back to 2013 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)Just a side note, this is “back in the days” photo of us when we started “collaborating” 😉

After moving to New Zealand COPS collaborated with the Auckland Co-housing group in 2015, doing a series of feasibility studies on various plots of land in Auckland with the aim to establish an urban Co-housing development. This didn’t materialise due to the challenging and unaffordable property market, however COPS continued looking further.

After 5 high speed years in Auckland (bicycle high speed!), COPS were ready for a change. Attracted by a simpler life style, community living and permaculture principles, they moved to a beautiful rural area of New Zealand, about 25km from Wairoa into a settlement called Kotare Village. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out to be the way it was hoped and COPS were on the move again, this time it was only “around the corner” to Wairoa town.

We both experienced the corporate environment and had the opportunity to work on high-end commercial and education facilities in New Zealand and Europe. Our current work ranges from chicken houses, tiny houses, furniture design and making, house alterations, commercial and public projects.

Our hearts are where we can improve the quality of the daily living of an individual and support our local communities.

It is crucial for us to consider the impact of construction on the environment. We therefore put high effort into material selection and source, architectural detail and design which should work with the environment rather than going against it.




Bachelor of Architecture (Czech Republic)

Master of Architecture (The Netherlands)

Registered Architect (The Netherlands) – SBA NL




Master of Architecture (Italy)

NZ Registered Architect – NZRAB

Certified Passive House Designer – PHI



Architecture doesn’t have any boundaries, we are always very excited about any new challenges!